Vinyet Panyella

Born in Sitges, Catalunya/Spain.

Vinyet Panyella is a writer, a poet, a cultural manager and a curator of exhibitions. She is author of numerous essays on art, literature and modern cultural history. Panyella was the Manager of the National Library of Catalonia (Biblioteca de Catalunya, 1989-1996) and its Director (2000-2004). Since December 2011, she has been the Director of the Sitges Art museums (Consorci del Patrimoni de Sitges).

She has been publishing a blog and a web page, Quadern de Terramar  since 2006.

Panyella is the author of fifteen poetry collections: Memorial de platges Rosa Leveroni Prize (1993), Les ales del buit (1997), Jardí d’ambre, Recull Poetry Prize (1998), Miralls de marbre, with drawings by J. M. Subirachs (2000), Quintet de L’Havana (Un homenatge a Alejo Carpentier) (2001), París-Viena (2002), Written for Darkness. An Anthology (2004), Dins del cercle d’Orfeu (2004), Taller Cézanne, Màrius Sampere International Poetry Prize (2006), Exposició antològica (2008), Cavalls i collaret. Suite de Terramar, trilingual edition Catalan/Castilian/English (2009), Aprenent a mirar, with photographs by Quim Curbet (2011), Sang presa, Miquel de Palol de Poesia Poetry Prize (2011), La mar que se m’enduu (Suite Camille Claudel) (2012) and On life and shadows / La vida i les ombres (2013).

Panyella’s poetry has been included in anthologies such as: Paisatge emergent. Trenta poetes catalanes del segle XX (1999), Antologia de poetes d’expressió catalana, by Elena Zernova (Sant Petersburg, 2001), Antologia de poesia catalana femenina, Coord. Carme Riera (2003), Poetes òrfics catalans, Coord. Francesc Ruiz Soriano (2007), De tweede ronde. Catalonië-nummer (Amsterdam 2008),  Paraula encesa. Antologia de poesia catalana dels últims cent anys, Coord. Pere Ballart and Jordi Julià (2012), and Forked tongues. Galician, Basque and Catalan wome’s poetry in translations by Irish writers, edited by Manuela Palacios (2012). 

She has translated into Catalan René Char’s Les voisinages de Van Gogh / Els veïnatges de Van Gogh (2003), and poetry  of Marina Tsvetaieva,  Else Lasker-Schüler; Umberto Saba, Albert Camus and Marguerite Yourcenar. 

She has published the anthology of women poets Contemporànies. Antologia de poetes dels Països Catalans (1999).

Her poetic theory is expounded in ‘El dard i el poema’ (Els Fulls de l’Escriptori 2011).

She has been invited at the international poetry and literary festivals such as Faro (Portugal), Maastricht, Malta and Utrecht.

Panyella is a founding member of the poetry journal Poetari. Revista catalana de poesia (2011-).

Her poetry has been translated into Castilian, Portuguese, Maltese, English, Russian, Croatian, Dutch and French.

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Updated January 2013